Station Rose "20 Digital Years" Database 1988-2008



The virtual and the real morph together. STR creates grounding through the building process - en bois et LED - exactly because of the years of dematerialization and make the complex 0-1 art accessible as this database also.

In 1988, Station Rose/STR has been opened as public media lab, exhibition & performance space in Vienna by Elisa Rose & Gary Danner. It can be seen as the essential space for media art in Vienna at that time - digital art became reality in 1988 through STR- with business hours. The virtualization was realized after the move to Frankfurt in 1991. For the 20th anniversary STR buildt a real place again, as a temporary, walkable media sculpture, with a timeline of the Digital Archive as a database, as a performable work-in-progress artwork The virtual and the real morphed together on location. STR created grounding through the building process exactly because of the years of dematerialization and thereby making the complex 0-1 art accessible. STR performed during the project, the audiovisual works of Station Rose were accessible on the LED skin.

A) StartUpSequence Vienna 1988
D)FFM and Cyberspace (1991-92)
G)unafa_Pop, MIDI and VirtualCommunity (1996-98)
B)home in Egypt (1988-89)
E)drag and drop (1993-94)
H)ere Webcasting starts _____live@home (1999)
C) Vienna and San Francisco (1989-90)
F)Digital Cocooning (1995-96)
I)t´s private://public_in front and behind the cameras (2000)

"I have followed the work of Station Rose for more than 15 years, and have marvelled at their perseverance, ingenuity, and aesthetic excellence in integrating multimedia work into face to face as well as online gatherings. I have personally witnessed their work in clubs, museum exhibitions, festivals, and online, and know them to be pioneers who continue to expand the boundaries of what is possible in the intersection of art, media, performance, and technology, as well as theorists who always carefully examine the broader meaning of their work. I recommend this project and Station Rose as capable artists, performers, theorists, critics, and technologists."

Howard Rheingold

J)ust a click away (2001)
M)ore... (2004)
P)ausing for a second (2007)
K)ommando TV and Professorship (2002)
N)ext level_TV and products (2005)
Q)uantum moment - 20 Digital Years (2008)
L)ive performance is still the basis (2003)
O)n Demand (2006)
station rose: twenty years of digital archive
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