D) Frankfurt und Cyberspace (1991-1992)

//: Nulbody-Notes

# moving to Frankfurt
# moving to cyberspace with the WELL

# STR beta-testing Frankfurt as the new "Heimat", (hot schedule: move 11.1., performance 13.1., gulf war 16.1.:// moving just a few days before the gulf war meant the last chance to bring computers across borders.)

# STR moving into Cyberspace, finding the other new heimat online at The WELL.

# STR is a small studio/home in the centre of Frankfurt, continually upgrading.

# STR is music/clubbing/dancing/club-hit production.

# STR experiencing the next STR-step/ techno-, live-, realtime-, online ecstasy.

# STR in dino-fever (2 years before Spielberg)

# STR the vision was already there in Vienna, the realisation happened in Frankfurt, basically in the techno scene.

# STR keeps contact with Austria through a research contract.

# STR is a multimedia band, communicating in realtime from music computer to grafix computer, this way testing flexible forms of the STR-matrix in gunafa clubbing.

# STR going to Clifornia once more, staying at Timothy Leary´s house in Beverly Hills.

# STR producing CD ROM Nr. 1.

# STR experiencing euphoria/explosion in the techno- and cyberscene, feeling respected after those hard years of theory.

# STR publishing/producing/researching/going online/playing live-> all this on 2 "cheap" machines: the ommodore amiga and the atari.

# STR from outside (the shop in Vienna) --> to the new home/inside the studio --> to outside (clubbing and exhibitions) --> to dislocated (Cyberspace).

Gunafa 2000 CD, 1991.

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Public Brain session Installation & performance at Soft Targets, with 8 beamers

Station Rose starts with Chill Out In Frankfurt, Schirn museum in 1991