B) Cairo (1988-89)

Experiencing Chaos and calling it Gunafa-

Gunafa becomes the STR-slogan Nr.One ever since.


# practising hi+lo. analogue+digital.

# having a home in "le monde arabe" for 8 months & simultaneously looking at the Western Hemisphere from the outside.


# Postgraduate Field-Research: living in egypt for 8 months meant experiencing the arabic world way beyond cultural tourism. Equally important, it gave us the chance to look at the western world, the so called 1st world, from the outside (from viennese to american style all way through). We believe this is very important. Scanning all those western rules, questioning them from the distance, comparing them with egyptian rules. For this STR-observation & research 8 months was long enough to really enter that world. Going in the street with a mini-skirt or drinking beer in the street was not the thing to do, but so many other things definitely were. The chance to live there was through an austrian postgraduate-grant.

# in March 1989 we came back to Vienna for 1 month to open our solo exhibition at Viennese gallery Gawlik und Schorm, where we showed art objects we had buildt in Cairo.

# Station Rose participated in "Design Vienna" exhibition at the MAK, with a catalogue project, as well as in "Museum des 21. Jahrhunderts" (Vienna) and "Trash City" (Forum Stadtpark Graz).

# With the help of Egyptian musicians, Station Rose recorded 5 tracks at Midex studio outside Cairo.

A view from Cairo Tower, the discette sent to Vienna < - > back, via the Austrian embassy, and our home in Egypt

Neon colours in the STR art, at least since Cairo & Gary carried a discette to the pyramids