A)Vienna start up sequence (1988)

Opening  //   Flags and Hymns  //   Sampling Symposium  //   "Oriental Light" Museum Ludwig/Station On Field Duty  //  STR Headquarter  //  Amiga Grafix  //  Kunstradio Station Rose Jingle 01  //  guest lectures  //  Presentation of musicassette & light installation by Andreas Kunzmann

A_ Flags & Hymns


We invited 7 artists to design flags, and 6 musicians to compose hymns. Manifestation of a new art_attitude.

Invited artists: Bob Adrian, Walter E. Baumann, Tina Bepperling, Wolfgang Capellari, Helmut Mark, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Elisa Rose

Invited musicians: Der Plan, F.M. Einheit, General Chaos, Andreas Kunzmann, Sevo, Gary Danner

station rose: twenty digital years

Flags & Hymns

invited visual artists created a flag, (& invited musicians a hymn)
flags from left:
1. Wolfgang Capellari/A
2.Gerwald Rockenschaub/A
3.Helmut Mark/A
4.Elisa Rose/A
5.Walter E.Baumann/D
6.Bob Adrian/CAN
0.Tina Bepperling/D (stolen)

02 hanging the flags

E.R. and G.D. hanging the flags

03 hanging the flags 2

E.R. and G.D. hanging the flags

04 er+gd in front of the Station

E.R. and G.D. in front of the Station after hanging all remaining flags (flag far left by Tina Bepperling had been stolen)

05 FH openingvonseite

opening of Flags and Hymns (far left: Otto Zitko, 5th from left: Bob Adrian X)

06 FH opening erbaumandi

l-r: W.E. Baumann, E.R., Markus Geiger, Manfred Wakolbinger, Andreas Kunzmann, Wolfgang Woessner

08 STR-frontal01

Flags by (l-r): Tina Bepperling, Wolfgang Capellari, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Helmut Mark, Elisa Rose, W.E. Baumann, Robert Adrian X.

09 F+H postcard backside

10 str-wimpelchen/STReamer

pennant; multiple

11 audio cassette cover

Audio cassette cover "Hymnen"

13 hymnen-tape

Tape (multiple)

14 background-still

collage, incl. promo foto by Bob Adrian X (corner right)