D) Frankfurt und Cyberspace (1991-1992)

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D_ Station Rose goes Online

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We went online (at The WELL, "Whole Earth ´Lectronic Link") at our studio in Frankfurt with a 2400 baud modem June 10th 1991.

>>> 10 Years Online History (1991-2001) (pdf)
_____ an outlook starting with the roots_

down here is the command: u __________story

the place where it happened was the WELL. we logged in from Frankfurt via 2400 baud.

command: u = the users online at that moment. it was an early version of <chat>, was omnipresent for us and became a daily usus at the Station Rose studio. Because it was still expensive to be online - SPEED was important.

get in & out & come back.


We went online, took a look who was there - at that moment-, connected, and after a few minutes went offline again. that became part of a @home - routine, and was done at least 10times a day.