D) Frankfurt und Cyberspace (1991-1992)

Station Rose goes Online  //  research for the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research  //  multimedia field research in the USA  //  "1st European Software Festival"  //  NGBK Berlin  //  Gunafa 2000 EP/CD  //  "Soft Targets"  //  Kunsthalle Schirn Frankfurt  //  Gunafa Clubbing at XS club Frankfurt  //  Expeditionen 92  //  Station Rose Interaktiv. Virtuelle Realität als Neuer Grenzbereich CD ROM  //  37 Räume  //  Interactiva  //  DigitEyes/Dave EP  // Virtuelle Rituale

D_ Soft Targets

:// notes

We performed several Public Brain Sessions (with 8 video beamers) at this exhibition at Marstall in Munich. This was also the first time the Public Brain Session was performed outside the underground techno scene, in a "high art" setting.

Installation stills, Soft Targets 11.91