F) Digital Cocooning (1995-96)

"Auskunft" at Depot Vienna - Honorable mention Prix Ars Electronica - Frankfurt Book Fair - World Wide Jam - Telematic Cities - Gunafa Clubbing / Internet Lounge - Popkomm 95 - Digital Cocooning - Kunstradio Station Rose Jingle 95 - Station Rose  Homepage goes online - Field Research in California USA - Mind Children CD-Single -  "Icons, Morphs & Samples" CD/CD-ROM - Howard RheingoldĀ“s ELECTRIC  MINDS - Kunstradio Station Rose Jingle 96 - Electronic Weekend - Popkomm 96 - Komm 96 - Videoconference with Timothy Leary, Ken Kesey and others - Kursbuch Internet - Burning the Interface

F_ Honorable Mention Prix Ars Electronica

:// notes

http://www.well.com/www/gunafa was opened in February 1995, and got a Honorable Mention in the WWW-category for "best self server".

"... upon reflexion, it strikes me as rather puritan not to
praise an artist for using the medium to do what he or she
would do with every other media, that is to promote his or
her art. Criteria then, should probably include estimating
the complexity of relationships established by the application
between the user and the site."

Joichi Ito, Jury.

Station RoseĀ“s webpage 01 at The Well

screenshots rescued from an old mac computer