G)unafa - Pop MIDI & Virtual Community (1996-98)

"Phosphoric Brain Massage" CD extra / artist contract with Sony Music - TREE EP and Video / artist contract with Sony Music - Musik im Internet FH Frankfurt - Montreal International Festival of Cinema and New Media - Flying Network Party - Technoscope Steirischer Herbst - Cosmic Circus Festival - Kunstradio Station Rose Jingle 97 - Ars Electronica workshop and lecture - Popkomm 97 - Nature One Festival - Sunflower Festival - ELECTRIC MINDS - Construction Sounds - Multimedia Field Research in California, USA - Kunstradio-The 1st Decade - 1st Decade The Book - 1st Decade Booktour - Transmediale 98


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 We take care of Germany - in the Social Web.

The Social Web is here - on a daily basis!

  <tt>frankfurt - station rose</tt>

some of the reports we made:

Goin' Gunafa in Germany

GUNAFA - Arabic slangword for "positive chaos", a cocktail of apparently incompatible ingredients...

Station Rose on Documenta X ...

Station Rose on ARS Electronica Center...

STR  - techno frankfurt goes east...

A Kodak moment...online

what a meeting point - The Palace - social web at its early best.

here we meet <spoonman> a very reliable mate online !