O)n Demand (2006)

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this was the newsletter announcing "://on Demand" EP:

after a productive summer, which resulted in 2 pieces of art -

we are back here, and almost on the road, too.


so here comes the new Fahrplan:




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out now:


":// on Demand"

4 track EP


gunafa 10



available for download at shopbase.finetunes.net/shopserver/ActionServlet



The four tracks on this EP consist of two songs with vocals and two abstract instrumentals.

The instrumentals (Caravan 2 France, Verwehung) feature evolving textures of filtered reverb-rooms, distortion and echo, freely based around layered, minimal rhythmic patterns, progressing on mathematical structures found by chance during the composing process.

The two „songs" (Suractive, Inside) experiment with harmonics, vocals (by Elisa Rose), acoustic instruments (guitars), and interaction between rhythmic and melodic changes. The connoisseur will discover structures reminiscent of Neu!, The United States of America and Soft Machine.


The EP is released on Gunafa Label, and is our first <online only mp3-release>.

You can order it directly from finetunes;

from iTunes and other platforms on from next week.