O)n Demand (2006)

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O_ :// on Demand bookrelease

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press  release by Revolver:

":// on Demand" ISBN 3-86588-305-2


artist´s book, published by Revolver Books, Archiv fuer aktuelle Kunst.


Station Rose, pioneers of Digital Culture, have produced an artist´s book in 2006. The publication, with (practically) no text & 64 pages in colour in large part, is available from Revolver Books now.

It was about time for STR to rematerialize in print, after 4 years of TV-production "Best of Webcasting", and a resulting DVD & CD of the same title.The book features audio-visual works, performances, installations and Web 2.0 activities and linkings. Fuzzyness is a subject, too. A lo-res mobile phone coverage style of today gets sharp again when vectorized.