H)ere we are - Webcasting (1999)

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H_ Cross Links / Berlin

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group show & Start Up for WEBCASTING at www.stationrose.com

Started in January 1999 at the exhibition "crossLinks" in Berlin, webcasting is the continuation of Station Rose MIDI-live performances. The studio is linked over the Internet world- wide: live @home. Netart: Freeform audio-visual sessions, in
conversation with guests, un-commercials.

The exhibit was a media installation and a live-STReaming studio at the same time.

A cataloge has been published.

Since then ca. 280 webcasts have taken place. For details please see the book
"private://public", featuring 7 of the most interesting conversations (ISBN 3-85266-114-5).


exhibition & start of live-webcasting at crossLinks, Berlin