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inkwell.vue.101 : Gary Danner and Elisa Rose - Station Rose
permalink #0 of 174: Linda Castellani (castle) Thu 11 Jan 01 15:57

Our guests this time around are Gary Danner and Elisa Rose, two
Austrian multimedia artists known far and wide as Station Rose -- which
was also an actual place, by the way. On March 11, 1988, Station Rose
opened as a "multimediale Kunststation" -- a "multimedia art station"
-- in Vienna. Much more than a gallery, it was also a storefront
showroom, a workshop, a meeting point for artists, musicians and

Station Rose went on to record and perform in Cairo, San Francisco,
Japan, and of course, all up and down the European continent. Ten years
after the original Station Rose opened its doors, Elisa and Gary
celebrated their anniversary with a book, _1st Decade_:

Now, Station Rose has released another, _private://public_, a
collection of Webcast conversations with Geert Lovink, Petra Klaus &
Hans Romanov, Bazon Brock, Birgit Richard, Stefan Weber, Thomas
Feuerstein and Josephine Bosma:

Interviewing Station Rose is David Hudson, a freelance writer living
in Berlin, author of _Rewired: a brief and opinionated net history_,
and contributor to Artbyte, the Berliner Zeitung, de:Bug, Feed, Mute,
Salon, Spiegel Online, Wired News and a slew of other publications.
David will be mining the historical perspective Elisa and Gary have to
offer after nearly 13 years of artistic collaboration and brainstorming
with them about the rapidly evolving future of the multimedia