L)ive Performance Is still the basis (2003)

"Best of Webcasting" at hr/ARD Digital - professorship - "Electronic Habitat" Galerie Martina Detterer Frankfurt - "Manifestation!" vinyl - "Soundcultures" audio mini CD (participation) - Montevideo - Melkweg - Playing Field streaming media art/IMG Mainz

L_ Playing Field streaming media art/IMG Mainz

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"Playing Field is an international co-production of the Netherlands Media Art Institute - Montevideo / Time Based Arts in Amsterdam, IMG/Institut für Mediengestaltung und Medientechnologie, in Mainz and MECAD\Media Centre of Art and Design of the Superior School of Design ESDI in Barcelona. The project aimes at the creation of streaming media art specially for Internet.

In Playing Field artists and art students explore the possibilities of new technology and create work that could never exist without streaming media. An Open Streaming Network provides the opportunity to experiment with streaming media at low costs, with access for interested artists and students. Playing Field creates new ways for distribution of cultural streaming content, and provides a knowledge base on streaming media." (IMG Mainz)