C) Back in the Western World (1989-1990)

C_ Mind Machines


Symposium in the Viennese station on AV-frequencies, Alpha & Teta waves

plus: the development of STRĀ“s Public Brain Session, performed for the 1st time on that evening.

"On from October 1989 STR has been working on the concept of brain-stimulating soundwaves, using the medical discovery of alpha-, beta-, delta- and thetawaves on the surface of the brain. At he end of 1989 Tetsu Inoue joins the team after dropping by at our atelier in Vienna. He reduced his contribution to minimalistic endless loops of echoed guitar sounds, which he recorded on 5 tapes. During the live-performance of PUBLIC BRAIN SESSION, together with these tapes, sequencer-driven samples of voices are played back over the PA, producing oscillations (theta-waves, i.e. 4-7 Hz), which normally surface on the brain during dreaming, meditating and most other subconscious-driven brain activities. Videos, edited in the same frequency, together with manually controlled strobelights, are shown nat the same time. As visual and musical information is very minimalistic and abstract, the "audience" is invited to hear music and see a vision of his/her own, while being stimulated by theta-waves." STR, winter/spring 1990