D) Frankfurt und Cyberspace (1991-1992)

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D_ Digit Eyes / Dave EP

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A 4-track EP, with snippets of a "Public Brain Session" between the tracks. "Digit Eyes" had practically been composed live in the club we were performing on a regular basis (XS, Frankfurt), testing it with the audience where it was highly popular. Merging a bassline Gary had in mind, Elisas vocals, a sampled and timestretched engaged signal from the Deutsche Telekom with samples from our favorite record of that time, "Brian Jones presents The Pipes of Pan at Joujouka", London techno mag Mixmag wrote about the results "it sounds brilliant". Mixed in the back, you can hear Gary playing acoustic guitar.

Dave was more or less a "quick one" in the studio, which turned out to be a huge techno underground hit until now. Station Rose were assisted in the studio by Frankfurt DJs MSO and Ata, Atom Heart acted as engineer, and suggested the mesmerizing percussive "waterdrop sample" for "Dave". DJ Hell, an early adorer of the track, reissued it on his label "InternationalDeeJayGigolos" fittingly in 2001.

Here are two unreleased versions.

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