F) Digital Cocooning (1995-96)

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F_ Mind Children CD-Single

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Due to Nineteensixties-recordcompany policies, our record company of that time, PlayItAgainSam, decided to lift a single from the CD/CD ROM "Icons, Morphs and Samples". The lyrics (by Elisa Rose) are based on the concepts of Hans Moravec, the music (Gary Danner) is a (cheap) imitation of the structure of a Yardbirds-song ca. 1965-66, ambitiously mimicking the rave-up feedback crescendos of aforementioned combo with a distorted Roland MC-202.

This "back to the roots" move could be seen today as a discontent with and backlash to at this period prevalent musical shifts toward after-work-party-Techno-House, which started to take forbidding shape in Frankfurt 1994/95.


"Icons, morphs & samples,

soundz, texts & scenes,

script hi & lo,

we are mind children"