Recent art history.
This data base is also about recent art history, deals with the hard facts of media art history. Media art-control units want to establish themselves, and  suppress facts by their monopolistic positions. This has the consequence that hairraisingly inadequate knowledge of art history is not uncommon among the younger generation. According to our opinion we speak of a black hole, an absence of information about a period longer than a half decade (1988-94), & thus of a wrong dating of for example net art.

Media Archaeology.
We speak here also about media archaeology. The rescue and digital preservation, as well as the making available of original VHS tapes, Hi8 tapes of the early 90's, musiccassettes, DAT tapes, Amiga/Atari files on discettes, CD-ROMs etc., are on the agenda. The danger of data loss is looming large, and requires direct action. Preparations were made in our studio already, test runs had been done in 2008. Now earlier systems must be transferred into current ones & into the NOW!

For programming the data base we chose the open source system TYPO3, as it  separates design, structure and content. The design is defined by templates which were programmed depending upon the targeted application. A search function is naturally integrated.
With its data base, STR is concerned about the history and the genealogy of audiovisual art forms, as well as about cross connections to Now, and to the very near future. Embedded in a TYPO3 geography, the data base represents a review, and is however, as interactively usable tool, directed toward the present and the future. STRĀ“s digital archive is ready to dock to already existing or planned data bases at any time.