R)ecycling Surplus To Save Nature (2009-2011)

Interstellar Overdrive EP, Japan & presentation  //   New Media Arte Povera  //   Ornamental_409 installation Staedelmuseum  //  Augenclick-Pheromonic_ Hungry Walking Blues AV-performance Lentos Kunstmuseum  //  live at performance-art-lab satellit  //  Fussgaengerzone (pedestrian zone)  //  Violently Y/ours exhibition>  //  Naturband - Videorama  // Kunstradio // Sit-In/Out Dresdner Bank  //  Close-Up_410 Kunsthalle Schirn, F.A.Z.  //  new book 20 Digital Years plus , with Audio-CD & DVD // & book-tour   //  closing Frankfurt_STR_headquarter  //   Kunstradio composition 2011 // performance_lecture(s) at COCO, Vienna //  STRib installation at MQ  // AV performance at mediaopera, Rinderhalle  

Augenclick-Pheromonic_Hungry Walking Blues



STATION ROSE started their live-performance at Lentos museum with the AV-piece "Violent", Linz/A 10.09

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 "Violent" was a MIDI-improvised piece, with these add-ons: Gary Danner playing guitar, again using it on stage after 2 decades. Elisa Rose sang through a voice transformator, parallel to the visuals over MIDI, where an almost neon intensity of the colours is back.
camera by Ernst Pabeschitz, video-edit by Elisa Rose, photos by Bill Bayer, 2009