R)ecycling Surplus To Save Nature (2009-2011)

Interstellar Overdrive EP, Japan & presentation  //   New Media Arte Povera  //   Ornamental_409 installation Staedelmuseum  //  Augenclick-Pheromonic_ Hungry Walking Blues AV-performance Lentos Kunstmuseum  //  live at performance-art-lab satellit  //  Fussgaengerzone (pedestrian zone)  //  Violently Y/ours exhibition>  //  Naturband - Videorama  // Kunstradio // Sit-In/Out Dresdner Bank  //  Close-Up_410 Kunsthalle Schirn, F.A.Z.  //  new book 20 Digital Years plus , with Audio-CD & DVD // & book-tour   //  closing Frankfurt_STR_headquarter  //   Kunstradio composition 2011 // performance_lecture(s) at COCO, Vienna //  STRib installation at MQ  // AV performance at mediaopera, Rinderhalle  

20 Digital Years plus - Booktour



06.10.2010: Frankfurter Kunstverein

12.10.2010: MAK, museum of Contemporary Arts, Applied arts, Vienna

13.10.2010: fluc Vienna

21.10.2010: Lentos Linz

23.10.2010: ALEX bookstore Linz

08.02.2011: Austrian Cultural Forum London

10.02.2011: Furtherfield/http gallery London

Book-Tour London

London STR_Schedule : 

 8th of february 2011, Austrian Cultural Forum London 
 9th of february 2011, resonance.fm radio-interview
10th of february 2011, book-presentation at Furtherfield gallery


Austrian Cultural Forum London SW7 1PQ;  
STR presented the book and talked about hot topics - like Chapter B) CAIRO 


invitation card

London STR_Schedule : 

 9th of february 2011, resonance.fm radio-interview

STR in conversation with Marc Garrett - radio interview at radiostation resonance.fm - furtherfield programm 


10th of february 2011, book-presentation at Furtherfield gallery

Venue: The Furtherfield Space in London. 


Furtherfield is pleased to present the UK Book launch of STATION ROSE:
20 Digital Years Plus
, published by Verlag für Moderne
Kunst Nürnberg.

DR. Richard Barbrook, University of Westminster gave a
short introduction to the evening.

book-review :

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