S)olid as a Rock (2011-2012)

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The 90ies, COCO


Die 90er/The 90s

25.11. 2011 — 30.4. 2012
A series of presentations, informal exhibitions, and discussions on Vienna's alternative art scene during the 90s.

Kuratiert von / curated by Severin Dünser, Christian Kobald & Arye Wachsmuth at COCO. Bauernmarkt 9 (Passage) 1010 Vienna.

"We are pleased to announce the lecture we give on the 90-ies artscene in Vienna at COCO tonite, with a a special focus on the inititiaton and Start Up Sequence of Viennas´s 4th district. It is one of the city´s art centers of today, and STR started it as early as 1988. In the meantime a lot of galleries settled, as well as alternative spaces. It is a vivid area today.
Besides that we will talk about our early net activities, the first techno-clubbing, etc."

the 90ies