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STR creates AR artworks since 2017. They produced many artworts, exhibitions & even their book STATION ROSE 30.0 with AR since then using Artivive app. STR did research on VR 1.0 as early as 1991. Since 2017 STR works on VR 2.0 - „Gunafa Land“ in Virtual Reality (supported by


“Virtual Reality is the name for anew science and technology that is emerging worldwide. Head-mounted visual displays create the illusion of immersion in a computer-simulated world, and special sensor-equipped gloves makes it possible to manipulate simulated objects by direct contact. Head-tracking devices enable the computer to update the world model, thus making it possible to navigate and explore the three-dimensional models known as virtual worlds.

The technology already is used for scientific visualization, architectural design, and medical imaging. Future uses include advanced computer interfaces and communication technologies. Research is actively moving forward at NASA, the University of North Carolina, MIT and MIT Media Lab, and scores of other sites in the U.S., Japan and Europe.”

  • Howard Rheingold

Author of Tools For Thought

"Scaled Perceptions. Material meets Digital 2019“ Karlsruhe

STATION ROSE – Augmented Reality Art At Museumsquartier/Q21

Station Rose has been involved in digital art for 30 years. For the anniversary year, there are brand new augmented works. The digital world merges with the MQ-exhibition situation at Q21 at MuseumsQuartier Wien

Augmented Reality

STATION ROSE is creating Augmented Reality artworks since 2017.


group show "Scaled Perceptions. Material meets Digital 2019“
Wenn Kunst die Realität erweitert", CAS Karlsruhe, 2019/20

group show "Realities: showcasing AR art"  at Vienna Design Week 2018 & on tour worldwide :
As promised, here are some links promoting the "ImagiNation" exhibition in Abu Dhabi: 

ImagiNation on the Nation Towers Website: