Artworks & Installations

STATION ROSE solo-exhibition with AR at gallery Petra Seiser, 4.22
NFTs, lenticular images, print on fabric with Augmented Reality, immersive projection with multi-directional sound, media sculpture, light boxes, prints on alu dibond, sandbags. 
Early digital works from 1988 onward also appear in the exhibition.
AR experienceable with Artivive app




Solo-exhibition & performance at Galerie Charim 2021/22

•  Streaming - Art in & beyond the Lockdown, MQ with Eikon - 2020

•    STATION ROSE  & Friends MQ 15 : group show with Kim Asendorf/D, Thomas Draschan/AUT, Lorenz Estermann/AUT, Herbert W. Franke/D, MSHR/US, Station Rose/AUT, Erwin Wurm/AUT

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