Back in the Western World (1989-1990)

Mind Machines - Public Brain Session - Das Broiler Projekt - Gunafa Clubbing in Vienna - Windows - Art Frankfurt - Sommeratelier - Westwerk Hamburg - Gallery Karin Sachs  Munich - Cyberthon San Francisco  - Public Brain Tour - Styrian Autumn - Cybergirls - Ars Electronica "Im Netz der Systeme"


"STATION ROSE in Cairo was abandoned at the end of July 89 until further notice, STATION ROSE headquarters in Vienna is now permanently occupied (tue - fri 2-6pm). After returning from the hypermedia research camp in Cairo and after presenting the main features of a concept, worked out in Northern Africa, at the "Global Village" at Ars Electronica 89 (see Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Oct. 2nd 1989) for the first time, STATION ROSE is now focussing on 3 subjects: Gunafa - Mind Machines - Gunafa Clubbing." (STR press statement 1989/90)

Final Vienna-Notes://we move on. (12.1990)


STR = public in the center of vienna.
STR= online.
STR= a place for communicating avantgarde, organised/selfmanaged by multimedia artists.
STR= a multifunctional object of desire with a unique architecture, ideal for testing flexible forms of art & gunafa.
STR= a digital archive & a networking station.
STR= installation/performance/show.
STR= music/clubbing/dancing/public brain session/alpha-theta waves/bodytouch.
STR= projects ranging from east-west to cyberspace.
STR= artists as well as curators/producers; exhibiting artists and @the same time being presented in galleries/museums/clubs.
STR= art production/multiples/records.
STR= multimedia field research outside of the western world looking inside.
STR=the single project of that kind in vienna at that time, which meant living in a desert, sourrounded by postmodern art, or executives teaching multimedia art.
STR= wanting fun/exctasy/exchange with others, starting clubbing.
STR=not believing in art happening outside the jungle, presented only at festivals, kunst-ghettos, concert halls.
STR= sparsely funded/supported.
STR=hi & low, academic & underground, public & gunafa.
Is STR alone?
STR=looking for die heimat.
STR= closing the viennese station, moving into cyberspace (see next chapter).