Gunafa Show

Ars Electronica "Im Netz der Systeme" 1989


Station Rose
Kunstforum Bd. 103,
 page 124-127, September/Oktober 1989. Excerpt.
1. Welcome to Sprawl City - an Egyptian Story
2. Station Rose im Außendienst - "I am not tourist, I am business man".
3. Forschungsmethode und Ergebnisse 
       Ist es richtig, nach Kairo einen Computer mitzunehmen ?
4. Ars Electronica - "Gunafa - Hypermedia Cocktail"

A. Mediendorf: Station Rose - "Gunafa Pavillon"
1. Office der STR
2. Digitales Museum der STR

B. Medienfluß: Station Rose Show - "Gunafa - STR Goes Body Touch"

ad A) Structure of the "Gunafa Pavillon":
1. The SHELL
2. The WINDOW DISPLAY of the pavilion
The digital museum of STATION ROSE
Office refers to the actively working part of STATION ROSE. It is the interface of direct lines between Vienna - Linz - Cairo, a place for the interchange of multimedia news, as well as a studio for visual, musical and lingual samples-finishing. It is equipped with a mailbox, a moving message, a sound studio, computer- and video hardware, as well as a printer, a telefax and sampling keyboards.
Products and provisional results are directly sent from the place of production/OFFICE to the presentation level of STATION ROSE, the WINDOW DISPLAY or "digital museum of STATION ROSE", a platform which contains visual and musical pieces as well as "the multimedia archives of nature" (a collection of sprawl-exhibits from Cairo).
With the GUNAFA PAVILION Station Rose continues with its daily work, its permanent training, also during the ARS ELECTRONICA.
ad B) STATION ROSE SHOW: "GUNAFA - STR goes body touch"
One result of the field-work in Cairo is the discovery of the SHOW as absolute art, communication and entertainment. Show as a concentrated term replaces complicated descriptions like multimedia fashionshow with music, or ritual performance.

What in Show: "STR goes body touch"? This Live-Music. Digital-Arabesque-Lightshow Phosphoric Fashionable World 1990 and Dance.

-MUSIC - "Cairo Rising / Tiere, Priester, Menschmaschine". The instruments for Cairo Rising are mainly samples found and recorded in Cairo between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. In this period of time the acustic rituals of Cairo, a city with 20 million inhabitants, take place, beginning with the first sounds of the flocks of animals that live in the city, on to electrically amplified prayers, to the cluster of sounds produced by people and machines. Changing formations of musicians bring the "sound-cocktail" on stage: Egyptian percussionists meet a Viennese trashband.

End of excerpt.