Public Brain Session


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"The Public Brain Session is more than just an externalised mind machine (...). People aren´t joylessly isolated here, and although the wealth of visual information and speed of flashing light is disorientating, it is a pleasant disorientation, heightened by the relentless rumble of theta-waves which, at 300 beats per minute, are around two-and-a-half times the tempo of current dance music."  Simon Witter, The Sunday Times, September 26th 1993.

"Sequencer-operated short sound samples are sent in extremely fast successions (theta-waves, i.e. -7 Hz, approx. 300 bpm) over a powerful P.A., thus putting the audience in a trance-like state - but not attacking them, as the samples still sound mellow. Over big videoscreens we put visual samples out of Station Rose´s "Sprawl archives", edited in a very rapid way. A light system is programmed to send flashes together with sound and video.
As sound and video in Station Rose´s P.B.S.s are not trying to tell a pre-programmed story, the audience is invited to hear a "composition", to see a "film" of their own."
(STR PR-text 1990)