Early Digital Works 1987-1996

"Besides producing new STATION ROSE augmented reality artworks, being shown in exhibitions in Karlsruhe & Vienna, being released as a Vinyl LP box & as part of the catalog STATION ROSE 30.0 at DeGruyter, we went back to our early digital works from 1987-1996 during the last months. We are in the process of saving the whole oeuvre from then (on Commodore Amiga  computer). We already used some „updates of the early works“ for the augmented reality show at CAS in Karlsruhe, available now at the UNPAINTED.net artstore. Digital Print editions are available at instant-edition.at. We plan to transfer some of these into our forthcoming VR project „Gunafa Land“ in the near future."  Elisa Rose & Gary Danner, Vienna May 2019