"Liquid Walls Of Sound" VÖ: 13.04.2019  
monkey.      MONLP024 (Limited LP-Box with 10 Artprints) monkey. 


Liquid Walls of Sound Vinyl Box with Augmented Reality:

100 works of art made of vinyl, sound, image & video content

STATION ROSE - "Liquid Walls Of Sound"

Can avant-garde be transformed into pop and vice versa? Here, a valid answer to the question is an imperative. The aim is to liberate STATION ROSE at least partially from its superficially incomprehensible, artificial multiverse and, for example, to create the “deepness” and originality of Gary Danner's music - which of course comes into its own in the context of Elisa Rose's imagery (also live, by the way!) to make it accessible to a wider audience. The album with ten selected new pieces works on its own as an audio experience, as a listening adventure, as an ambient pop techno album. At the same time, the principle of the limited, personalized (and therefore relatively expensive compared to “normal” sound carriers) - which is common in the arts - comes into play: there will only be 100 copies of the “Liquid Walls of Sound” LP, in special packaging and with ten art prints each enclosed, which in turn trigger videos on the Internet. And can be viewed via web TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone. A retro-futuristic total work of art - nothing less than that. What is new about this sound carrier, which has been the 30th STATION ROSE production since it was founded, is that Danner is again increasingly relying on analog instruments such as guitar and electric bass. With these instruments began his musical career, which after the phase with The Vogue (top ten hit with "The Frozen Seas of Io", 1981) and his band Die Nervöse Vögel ("Austria's best underground band", John Peel) from 1986 was strictly electronic. Limited LP box with 10 art prints Contains ten pieces of music by Gary Danner (mastered by Patrick Pulsinger) and ten prints of current pictures from STATION ROSE in the format 30x30 cm. Using augmented reality and a special app, these static works of art also trigger associated moving images on the Internet. Each of these opulent LP boxes is numbered and signed. (.monkey)