U><N<>I<<T>>A #Urbana Natura in_hancing_The_Augmented & vice versa


STATION ROSE (AT) at Ars Electronica 2019, Galerie Hofkabinett

Augmented exhibition (Artivive App), subsequently audiovisual chamber concert.

#Urbana Natura in_hancing_The_Augmented & vice versa is an augmented audio-visual installation, an “Out of Nature into Urban Augmented Space & Back again” exhibition. The ensemble of nature, urban and augmented spaces shows the already existing deep interweaving of these seemingly independent levels and forms of life. The augmented installation is created with various materials in the real exhibition space of the Hofkabinett Gallery in Linz/Upper Austria. Nature has long played an important role in STR´s art, and its integration into urban space is extremely necessary. STR has coined the terms “Digital Land Art,” “Urban Digital Land Art” and “Nature Is Cool/ NiC.” Gary Danner’s electronic music reflects decades of involvement with subcultural and serious music.