Angela Stief in conversation with STATION ROSE

STATION ROSE 30.0 at Bildraum 01
Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 7 pm  Bildraum 01 | Strauchgasse 2 | Vienna 1

Angela Stief, author & curator in conversation with Elisa Rose & Gary Danner

FAZ described them as "pioneers of digital culture": media artist Elisa Rose and composer Gary Danner, also known as STATION ROSE.
In Bildraum 01, STATION ROSE provide insights into their 3 decades-long, analytical-artistic explorations with new techniques. In their work they illustrate the complex shift from a purely analogue world to a world in which the digital and the analogue have long been closely interwoven and make aware of the fluid boundaries between "reality" and "virtuality".

The publication STATION ROSE 30.0 The Walls of the New Systems Will Be Liquid was presented for the first time on the opening evening - an "augmented catalog" that brings to life a new digital dimension.

A cooperation with the University of Applied Arts Vienna.