STATION ROSE Jingle 2023 "35.0 back INTO the future infinty"

STATION ROSE reached 35 digital years on 11.3.23.

For 35.0 you can listen to the new STR jingle 2023 on Ö1 Kunstradio.

The Station Rose Jingle 2023 has the title "35.0 back INTO the future infinty". The special thing this time: the tracks that can be heard were partly produced with AI programs, whereby the fine tuning of these tracks was also done by hand. In an interview with Anna Soucek, Gary Danner and Elisa Rose talk about their experiences with this, and about their healthy skepticism towards these technologies, which linguist Noam Chomsky recently described as nothing more than "plagiarism software" that does not create artistic works, but copies and steals them.

Station Rose has been around for 35 years, they were and are pioneers of digital art. Station Rose reflect their own developments, in the mirror of technological and social developments in general, in a radio piece produced every year. This is called a jingle, but - unlike what is usual in radio - it is not a short snippet intended to whet the listener's appetite for a program, but a full-length piece.

The duo STATION ROSE are the composer Gary Danner and the artist Elisa Rose, whose artistic projects are internationally regarded as pioneering achievements in digital culture. As early as 1988, they defined the 4th district of Vienna as an art center through their audio-visual performances, helped shape the early techno scene from 1992 onwards, carried out a research project on the subject of "virtual reality" in 1991, and anticipated trends from 1999 onwards with their streaming, which only became a mass movement as a result of the pandemic.

Anna Soucek, 11.2023

Interview at Radiokulturhaus Wien foto by Anna Soucek