37 rooms Berlin Auguststrasse

group show 1992

//: notes

- 37 Räume (37 rooms) was a group exhibition in Auguststrasse, Berlin, 07.92, parallel to Documenta Kassel, where we contributed together with Yoko Ono, among others (see slide-show below). Curated by Gabi Horn and Bea Stammer.


* bubble jet print out "Public Brain Session" (1x1m)

* Lichtkasten/ neon shop window display "art production Nr. 7" (24x30x10cm)

* videotape "aus dem digitalen archiv ´92"

Station Rose made the only digital contribution to the exhibition.

Station Rose - Elisa Rose and Gary Danner - were a nose length ahead, the then pessimistic attitude towards new technologies anyway, as well as the positivistic attitude.  They experimented, performed and interacted, a long time before crossover and club culture became mainstream.

Already one year later we could ask Station Rose again for a further statement to Berlin - this time it was about the articulation of art in the context of the social and the urban: In the renewal and change of the Berlin art and gallery landscape, after the wall came down, the idea for the exhibition  „37 Räume" (37 rooms) was born by Kunst-Werke Berlin e.V., which had already moved into an abandoned factory in Auguststrasse in 1990. 37 Räume was presented parallel to documenta 9, mid of June 1992, as an articulation of ideas and concepts to the current art happening in the city which was already marked by beginning changes. In the still unsettled ownership structure of the former Spandauer suburb of Berlin Mitte, in the ruinous charm of  Auguststrasse, 37 curators declared empty-standing apartments and trade areas - shops, dwellings, hotel rooms, a school - to art spaces one week long. A daring enterprise, as residents were threatened with possible ejection caused by the proximity to the future area of government administration as well as the expected building boom, something the quarter, formerly shaped strongly by Jewish lifestyle, had to see already once.

Art concepts and artists had to prove sufficient sensitivity at this place, in order not to get into suspicion to decoy speculators. The exhibition and representation system in the contemporary art should be reflected by investigations, field research and social concepts... Gabriele Horn & Bea Stammer