Here We Are: Webcasting (1999)


In January 1999 Station Rose’ s next level of netart — having started in 1992 — was initiated at the Berlin exhibition crossLinks — with Webcasting/STReaming. Now playing in realtime, STReaming had become possible. More than 90 STR live-webcasts  happened in only one year. The studio, live@home, had become the place for the performance, for the STReam. Parallel to webcasting, STR was still performing live at festivals, art spaces and clubs, promoting the CD-release of Playing Now. One of the highlights of this European tour was the performance at Le Batofar in Paris. This period also saw the start of a series of vinyl audio-releases recorded live during the Webcasts, called live@home.

"CrossLinks", Marstall, Berlin: participation & first Webcasting at <>;  since 22.1.1999 on a regular basis.
"Webcasts live@home No.1 - 92" at <>.
"Next 5 Minutes 3", festival, Amsterdam. Webcasting, performance, booktour.
"Galerienrundgang"/ Art Frankfurt, Rotari Club Frankfurt/Offenbach.
"Gunafa Clubbing II", Space Place/Frankfurt. Performance & STReam.
"Accept The Future", performance, Bordeaux.
"Best of Webcasting", RadioX, Frankfurt.
"Kunstradio - Station Rose Jingle 99", composition f. ORF/Ö1, Austria & Internet.
"von 0-1", Lecture. Kunsthalle Schirn Frankfurt.
"Playing now", CD release, on own Gunafa label. "live @home", div. vinyl releases on Gunafa label. "Playing now world tour": Earth Dance Festival/Hamburg, Trabant gallery/Wien, U60311/Frankfurt, Transmediale/Berlin, Viper Festival/Luzern, Ultraschall/Munich, STR live in Paris, at Le Batofar.

DISCUSSION Rhizome - Elisa Rose & Gary Danner talk with Josephine Bosma

POSTED SEPT. 29 1999 21:00

Elisa Rose: Sure the artist comes first. This is our profession. To be an organiser was always a strategy to survive in the electronic jungle.  
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