Gunafa Clubbing II, Frankfurt, 1999

Space-Place Frankfurt

live AV performance, DJ N-D Baumecker
LIVE STReam at

STR-newsletter 10.05.1999

Station Rose/STReaming  LIVE-WEBCAST No.47 @ Gunafa Clubbing II :
_____premiere this Wednesday______12.5.99__10pm-5am CET, SpacePlace/Frankfurt.

Dear Gunafa Netizens,

Gunafa Clubbing II is on the way, STReaming LIVE right to your desktop this Wednesday.
If you are already in Frankfurt or are able to come to Frankfurt, come to the club at Space-Place, Gutleutstr. 294, Frankfurt.

Set up:

STR_live: Gary Danner_Sounds & Elisa Rose_Visuals
DJ aNDreas baumecker.                     looking forward to see you there !

----> GC II -Info
Station Rose is starting  version II of their multimedia-project Gunafa Clubbing/GC.

GC II stands for a project crossing over technoculture, art & performance, combining live music & visuals while webcasting the event worldwide at <>.

On from May, GC II will take place once a month  -----> next date: 25.6.99

Station Rose started Gunafa Clubbing in Vienna in 1989. After their move to Frankfurt, Gary Danner & Elisa Rose developed their concept further at XS Club, with great success on from 92. GC was already online in 92 (through the WELL), and it looks like it was the 1st clubbing event online worldwide. This multimedia club was put on hold when heavy commercialisation of techno took over in 95, a time, btw, when the art scene was still almost entirely unaware of club culture.
Now because of the big public demand, the concept of GC gets updated to Version II.
GC II means the interaction of computer generated soundz with computer
generated visuals, synced  through MIDI, as well as the use of cameras- all
projected on 4 big screens.

STR gets support from DJ aNDreas baumecker, who will improvise on the turntables during the multimedia jamsessions.

Clubbers in Spaceplace will find themselves in the virtual Gunafa Room made of Sound & Visuals, while Onliners will be able to be part of  the STReam <> at the same time (in realtime-20sec.). This way the virtual room inside the club will be expanded into the virtual room of the net.

The actual "Streaming_Gunafa_99_Schedule" can be found at
STR is the 1st webcasting station in Frankfurt.
Important: as the sessions are realtime multimedia art, they will not be
--> Achtung:  new webcast schedule this week:

a)  XL-Webcast  No.47 at Gunafa Clubbing: 12.5.99, 10pm CET
b)  Webcast  No.48 @home: 14.5.99, 9pm CET