It´s private://public (2000)

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The Web had slowly become mainstream since the middle of the decade, and the transformation into "a giant shopping mall" (Bruce Sterling) was in full swing. Everybody seemed to be a part-time stockbroker.


On the other hand, self-proclaimed "net-critics" and "net artists", on their way to a permanent position at an art college, cunningly invented a "new artform", with preposterous rules and hierarchies fitting their demands.
We countered this global frenzy by Webcasting almost every week, feeding the Internet with freeform audiovisual sessions from our studio in Frankfurt.

We invited Bazon Brock to a live STReam into our studio, during Art Frankfurt fair. We had an intense conversation going for 1 hour - that resulted in a chapter in the book private://public -

and was recorded by ARD/kulturzeit during the webcast. take a look and/or read the book.