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"private://public" - the NEW BOOK by Station Rose, plus guests.
ISBN 3-85266-114-5, german & engl; 296 pages
edition selene, Vienna 2000.
Station Rose in conversation with Geert Lovink, Petra Klaus & Hans Romanov, Bazon Brock, Birgit Richard, Stefan Weber, Thomas Feuerstein und Josephine Bosma.

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the book "private://public":

Out of a wealth of exciting talks from the past webcasts STR could choose only a few, which are published as transscripts. Instead of vanishing in Cyberspace after a webcast, a selection of these has now been brought to paper. "private://public" is published by Vienna´s edition selene, publisher of STR´s first book, "1st Decade". Artwork and concept of the book is by Station Rose. The mode of production can be called inverse publishing: the conversations took place in the net originally, out of that the book and the symposium have been created. Besides the transcribed conversations STR wrote short texts around the conversations´ featured topics as well as an introduction to webcasting. "private://public" is the first publication of a book in German on this topic realized by artists. (STR)