STATION ROSE LIVE in San Francisco

San Francisco Chronicle online :

"The intersection of art, electronic dance music and personal media technology is brightly pixilated, abstractly self-absorbed, giddily transcendent and tasty like candy. Germany's Station Rose brings a distinctly European sensibility to the process, which means there's serious art-shtick amidst all the Warholian dada of their engaging, bewildering webcasts. With roots in the psychedelicized '60s -- and claiming artistic inspiration from the Velvet Underground rather than the Grateful Dead -- Station Rose's blip-addled audio mixes are groovy and inventive like Kraftwerk, swerving from driving house rhythms to bollixed artfuck beats, with inscrutable foreign-language narratives floating up over the ambient/trip-hop turns. As evidenced on their Web page, the Station Rose folks have put together some rather engaging multimedia jam sessions, and bring their zeitgeist to Joypad, SF's new Blasthaus-curated tech/art convergence point". J. Wilson, SF Gate 2000