"Best of Webcasting" TV episodes on ARD/hr-fernsehen


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Parallel to STReaming, Station Rose started with a series of TV productions in May 2002.

STATION ROSE on TV_________hr-fernsehen on Astra 1C, Transponder 40. 11,068 Ghz, ARD-Digital.


Out of 191 webcasts, which have taken place at www.stationrose.com so far, a special videoedition was re-edited for TV each month. Selected segments from webcasts, which originally were STReamed as 1-hour audio-visual freeform sessions, were resampled, relooped, morphed, distorted & smoothed, recombined, stretched, cut etc. Inverse publishing - from realtime in the net to TV - let us play with the language of "the old media". The avantgarde approach of freeform STReaming became cut-up and turned into pop with a mass audience in a mass medium. February 2006 STR had arrived at "Best of Webcasting 31 ".

Storyboards for diverse TV episodes
time: ca. 54 min. each