19.03.2004 - 30.04.2004


OK spektral
STATION ROSE   Electronic Habitat 03

"The media installation ELECTRONIC HABITAT 03 consist of different units / modular cells. They offer the opportunity to lean on and relax, to immerse in immersive immersions. E.H. is a walk-in, tangible living space. Modular units determine the installation.
The art objects are modules, distilled from the audiovisual flow of the performances on the Internet at www.stationrose.com. The flow of digital data has been stopped, the stills materialize on fabrics. Audiovisual sequences and loops were recorded on DVDs and became part of the habitats.
In terms of materials for the usable elements of the installation, STR will use DVDs and projections / monitors on one hand, and printed fabrics on the other. The installation gets additional excitement through the use of various "high quality" materials, namely hi-tech fabrics & timber, the Internet and digital dub technology. The result is screens, seating elements, etc., elements for electronic habitats.
Visuals & sounds flow within the materialized "setup" of the installation.
The installation enables a concentrated immersion in audio-visual compositions, in digital fluidity, in a material environment that was created with digital hi-tech production means. It attracts with the softness of the materials." (STR)