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press release by Revolver:   ":// on Demand" ISBN 3-86588-305-2

artist´s book, published by Revolver Books, Archiv fuer aktuelle Kunst.

Station Rose, pioneers of Digital Culture, have produced an artist´s book in 2006. The publication, with (practically) no text & 64 pages in colour in large part, is available from Revolver Books now.

"It was about time for STR to rematerialize in print, after 4 years of TV-production "Best of Webcasting", and a resulting DVD & CD of the same title. The book features audio-visual works, performances, installations as well as Web 2.0 activities and linkings. Fuzzyness is a subject, too. A lo-res mobile phone coverage style of today gets sharp again when vectorized".

Audio-visual works, as well as performances, installations and the Web 2.0 presence together with the resulting links to network cultures can be found in it.

Blurring is also an issue.
The lo-res mobile phone reporting world d´aujourd´hui is vectorised again.

Turning away from the word is necessary. Being creative has always been something other than communicating. Perhaps the most important thing will be to create empty spaces for non-communication, disruptive interruptions to escape control. "Deleuze / Guattari, Negotiations 1972-1990.

The EP: // on Demand with the soundtrack has been released at the same time.
Frankfurt / Main 2006, Revolver, 64 pages, color, ill., 24 x 16.5 cm, paperback
ISBN 978-3-86588-305-6