Live Performance Is still the basis (2003)

"Best of Webcasting" at hr/ARD Digital - professorship „Media production“ at University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt -"Electronic Habitat" Galerie Martina Detterer Frankfurt - "Manifestation!"vinyl - "Soundcultures" audio mini CD (participation) - Montevideo - Melkweg - Playing Field streaming media art/IMG Mainz

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While teaching "Media Production" at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt, as well as producing the "Best of Webcasting" TV series, we were invited to participate in "Playing Field - streaming media art" by the Institute for Media Design Mainz. The results were presented at Montevideo in Amsterdam. At this occasion we also performed at Melkweg. Our busy schedule of that period also included a contribution to Mille Plateaux´"Soundcultures" project, as well as the first exhibition of "Electronic Habitats" at gallery Detterer in Frankfurt.