Manifestation vinyl EP

:::::___________________ Station Rose "manifestation" vinyl.

released 7.03 

Label: Eternity

distributed by Neuton worlwide

Info Station Rose EP "Manifestation!"

A1) "Addio A Cheyenne" (Ennio Morricone)

An experiment at the laptop: the coverversion of a composition by Ennio
Morricone from his filmscore of "Once Upon A Time In The West". The
original tempo was accelerated, and the resulting swinging aggression of a
downbeat ska/rocksteady was padded with reverb chambers. The spaghetti-western-feeling was deconstructed by click-percussionloops, the melody is whistled by an analogsynth made 1972, as Linda McCartney could
expressionless/lonely/sterile and better not have let it sound.

A2) "Manifestation!"

A looped Beat sample (that´s how it was called before the word rock
emerged) from 1966 forms the groove over which the piece develops itself.
Modulated analog-synth percussion whips the collage of feedback, reverb and
vocals ("to me a story doesn´t mean anything!") forward, filtersqueaks set
accents, with breaks building up the tension towards the fade out.

B1) "Erotic Sunshine"

A sad-proud ballad, in still frosty spring. Respiring, condensing vocals of
Elisa Rose ("from snow to sunshine") lift themselves slowly off the
gravitation of the drumloops, the vibrating bassline and organ chords from
the ground. Where air is thin, the voice meets fine tissues from granulated
melody lines. Always in connection with the ground station, this harmonious
connection floats against the warming spring sun.

B2) "It's Just A Click Away"

2 hip hop loops were divided into their components, crossed with one
another, and reconstructed again. The cinder of the process is to be heard
in the background as rhythmical filtered interference; joints from this
connection, widened with reverb in the stereo picture and treated with
subsonic bass, form hooks and bridges. A sampled TR-808 smoothes the
breaks, delay in triplets connects and splints the parts.