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"Playing Field is an international co-production of the Netherlands Media Art Institute - Montevideo / Time Based Arts in Amsterdam, IMG/Institut für Mediengestaltung und Medientechnologie, in Mainz and MECAD\Media Centre of Art and Design of the Superior School of Design ESDI in Barcelona. The project aimes at the creation of streaming media art specially for Internet.

In Playing Field artists and art students explore the possibilities of new technology and create work that could never exist without streaming media. An Open Streaming Network provides the opportunity to experiment with streaming media at low costs, with access for interested artists and students. Playing Field creates new ways for distribution of cultural streaming content, and provides a knowledge base on streaming media." (IMG Mainz)


Station Rose: Webcasting

Station Rose interview


Webcasting is one of the most important techniques for Station Rose (STR) at the moment to create media art, in particular "web art". Webcasting means that images and sound are broadcasted in real time from our studio to the Internet.
Station Rose started their webcasting with a contribution to an exhibition in Berlin in January 1999. In the meantime 159 programs have been broadcasted in real time at In 2000 we issued a book on the theme Webcasting titled "private://public".


We will concentrate our "Playing Field" project on audiovisual sessions, actually entailing music by Gary Danner & visuals by Elisa Rose, creating and editing, cutting and pasting, using MIDI and sequencer live. These audio-visual compositions first come into realtime existence only when STReamed to the internet, during the Webcasting, as a performance.
Parts of the broadcasted production can be reused by Station Rose later during performances, in form of re-edits for TV productions, art objects, books, DVDs or audio CDs and vinyls.

Right now we’re extending the STReaming- techniques with videoconferencing, and with live connections to other streamers. Which means that STReams go out into the net and others come back and are integrated in realtime. The first step into this direction was made at the media conference "9.11. Netzwerke" in Frankfurt.