Recycling Surplus To Save Nature (2009-2011)

Interstellar Overdrive EP, Japan & presentation  //   New Media Arte Povera  //   Ornamental_409 installation Staedelmuseum  //  Augenclick-Pheromonic_ Hungry Walking Blues AV-performance Lentos Kunstmuseum  //  live performance -art-lab satellit  //  video Fussgaengerzone (pedestrian zone)  //  Violently Y/ours exhibition  //  Naturband - Videorama  // Kunstradio STATION ROSE Jingle 2010// Sit-In/Out Dresdner Bank  //  Close-Up_410 Kunsthalle Schirn, F.A.Z.  //  new book 20 Digital Years plus, with Audio-CD & DVD //  book-tour London  //book-tour Vienna and Linz  //  closing Frankfurt_STR_headquarter  // Kunstradio STATION ROSE Jingle 2011  //  STRib  installation at MuseumsQuartier  //

Station Rose focused on art production and performance once again, but with a new point of
view. Still based in the bankers’ city Frankfurt/Main, for almost 20 years, they could observe capitalism at grass-roots level. This led to an aesthetic they called “New Media Arte Povera” from now on.

  • In this period STR cooperated with Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung twice, creating an audiovisual installation in the Staedelmuseum 2009 as well as in the Kunsthalle Schirn 2010.
  • 20 DY book & booktour
  • Lentos immersive performance
  • Galerie Hofkabinett
  • Closing of FFM headquarter


Close-Up_410, immersive AV-installation and performance, Kunsthalle Schirn, Frankfurt/Main 24. 4. 2010.
The installation included live performative moments, where Rose & Danner were actively changing
and updating their AV-room during 7 hours .