Interstellar Overdrive EP

A Tribute to Syd Barrett




Station Rose & Atom™

INTERSTELLAR OVERDRIVE (Barrett-Waters-Mason-Wright)

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Composer and musician Gary Danner of Station Rose decided to cover Interstellar Overdrive in 2006. After he had finished a few first versions, also playing  guitar & jew´s harp, he invited his friend Atom™ to be part of his project. 

Interstellar Overdrive EP is out now.


Atom™ & Station Rose: Interstellar Overdrive E.P.

Out now through "Third-Ear Japan".

Exclusive Japan release only!

1- Main Short Mix (Atom™) 4:29
2- Krautrock Version (Station Rose) 6:16
3- Dub Spencer Version (Atom™ + Station Rose) 2:53
4- Krautstep Version (Station Rose + Atom™) 5:02
5- Bud Spencer Version (Atom™ + Station Rose) 3:39
6- Main Long Version (Atom™ + Station Rose) 8:05

Programmed, arranged and produced by Atom™ at "Mira, Musica!", Santiago de Chile and by Station Rose at Station Rose's Studio in Frankfurt, Germany. Mastered by Atom™ at "Mira, Musica!". Guitars and jew's harp by Gary Danner/Station Rose, voice by Elisa Rose/Station Rose.

E.P. includes video of Station Rose's "Krautrock Version" (directed by Elisa Rose).

read more - the F.A.Q.s:

why did Station Rose & Atom™ choose to cover that song?

„In 2006, the day Syd Barrett died, Gary Danner knew it had to happen: to do a cover of Interstellar Overdrive (it had been the first riff Gary Danner could play on the guitar, in 1972).“

„It quickly became clear for G.D. that the project would be more fun to realize with a partner.“

„When G.D. and Atom™ met again after 10 years, Atom™ immediately liked the concept.“

„We did not want to cover a song by Barrett that features vocals.“

„Even though I.O. is a „Pink Floyd song“, it is defined by Syd Barrett´s typical guitar-riff style at the beginning and the end of the recording from 1967, as well as by the freeform guitar playing throughout the recording.“

1a) how did the cooperation between Atom™ and StationRose come about?

„They are old friends from the Frankfurt days. And they had cooperated successfully before, with techno classic Station Rose „Dave“ in 1992. „When Barrett died in 2006, I (G.D.) knew I had to do a tribute, but did not want to do it alone. Also, it was exactly 10 years since the last time I had had contact with Atom™.“

how would you call the style you created?


how was the working procedure?

„Atom™ and Station Rose met in the flesh for the project twice in Station Rose´s studio in Frankfurt; the rest, like exchanging soundfiles, loops and ideas, was done over the internet, as Station Rose dwells in Frankfurt/Germany, and Atom™ in Santiago de Chile.“

„Atom™ and Gary Danner always had been fans of italian movie soundtracks, so they decided to include versions based on these influences, to bring in a radically different (and not too earnest) approach to the subject.“

how was the Video created?

„As always with Station Rose, audio and visuals are created at the same time at the same place. So when Atom™ and Gary Danner met for the first recording session to lay down the first tracks, loops and patterns in the Frankfurt studio of Station Rose, Elisa Rose immediately began to work on the video, swapping ideas and inspiration between the three of them.“


Interstellar Overdrive EP is out now as exclusive Japan release.