AV-performance "Sit-In/Out", Dresdner Bank, 2010


AV-performance "Sit-In/Out", Dresdner Bank____>>raum fuer kultur<<

AV-Performance at a Frankfurt bank house - more than hot as a topic these days... Hard to imagine - STR was performing there & had <occupied> the groundfloor for 1 day/nite in feb.2010 ... 

For the performance "Sit-In/Out" at the downtown bank-skyscraper Dresdner Bank, Elisa Rose created new <hand made> art pieces as elements of the installation & again recycled her worn tights - this time not as fabric (as done for recent exhibitions), but instead, for a new AV-composition, working with a microscope, discovering a black grid :// under microscopic circumstances. Gary Danner played, next to performing his latest experimental electronics, his trustworthy Rickenbacker 330 semi-acoustic and his fuzz pedal live in Frankfurt for the first time.

Sit-In/Out - A R T work & performance

"Sit-In/Out" installation in the financial district of Frankurt. the room was not a white cube, but the ground floor of a skyscraper - with lots of grey glass. we built a cosy situation on stage, with a white wall for 1 projection behind us, and 1 artobject, which later behaved as a projection object. The screens, as well as 3rd one on the right side, were mirrored through the windows. it could be seen from outside, from the street, sending light impulses far away. The mirrored projections touched the other skyscrapers around.

Elisa Rose used her worn STRumpfhosen (panties) and recycled them for art production . Parallel to the <real> material she used a microscope to get into the STRucture of her panties for the video .