“Station Rose Jingle 2010”

"Axis + Nature_____Crisis____Money_- Recycling Surplus to save Nature".

Gary Danner: akkustische Gitarre, E-Gitarre, Sub Bass, Programmierung, Keyboards, vocals.
Elisa Rose: Vocals, Text.
Kim Eva Danner-Eidlhuber: Glockenspiel

"Axis + Nature_____Crisis____Money_-
        Recycling Surplus to save Nature".

A radio feat with a lot of guitar and a good-natured Elisa Rose.
In keeping with one of the main themes of this year's STR jingle, "New Media Arte Povera", analog instruments were increasingly used, and shredded samples were recycled and reused.

Part 03 "Axis + Nature" includes to "Frankfurt - Vienna -Cyberspace - a route that is more than hot".
Our contribution to the final victory over capitalism:
* "Recycling surplus to save nature!"
* "Frankfurt must be held under all circumstances!"

In Part 04 "" MONEY MONEY MONEY "- as a Follow Up Sequence of 03 - STR puts the following into the room:

"What about ART with basic income for everyone - to change the world - to change the world -
                - basic income for everyone".

Capitalism shoots its way out more and more every day, something that the artists in the financial metropolis of Frankfurt experience up close.
And the question "What is the cosiest place in the world?" the artists do not answer, they put it up for discussion.