N:E:X:T, PIXEL HOME 1.0_Digital Land Art & more (2014)

N:E:X:T media exhibition at GRAF&ZYX Tank - PIXEL HOME 1.0 land art project Ottensheim - Summer of Sounds MQ - Un_Commercials STR on TV ORF 3 - GUNafa BedIn Vienna Art weekMQ - Kunstradio STATION ROSE Jingle 2014 - Gunafa Clubbing re-enacted Kunsthaus Langenthal (CH) - Hier & Jetzt Vienna - STR at MQ

After 4 years of “STATION ROSE Best of Webcasting”on German TV (ARD/hr-fernsehen 2002-06), STR started their TV program again - this time on Austrian TV channel ORF III and ARD-alpha.

Un_Commercials 1-16 (48 min) 2014. For this, Digital Natives Elisa Rose & Gary Danner invented a new format - clips as short as three minutes, which they call „Un_Commercials“, running between other programs on ORF III, appearing as often as 16 times throughout the day, directed by STATION ROSE, storyboard & videoediting by ElisaRose, music composed & performed by Gary Danner.