STATION ROSE Jingle 2015 "Transfer-Prozesse around & around Pixel Home 2.0"

The two media artists Elisa Rose and Gary Danner from Station Rose have dared to create a new jingle for Kunstradio this year:

In 2015, STATION ROSE / STR is already inside the "NEXT Digital Quarter Century". Now the focus is on the morphing of "digital with analog life". The code word for this is TRANSFER PROCESSES. STR_Materialization processes of audiovisual art are ongoing. The transfer process includes a separation of the audio-visual media - after the creation. This also means freezing of virtual liquid data on paper, or exporting in the form of music & voice samples to the radio. Everything is recorded, the performative STR moment is stored in the digital archive. The sum of the present flows into the Station Rose A / V Performances in Pixel Home 2.0, a media sculpure and an Urban Digital Land Art Installation in the Kunst Haus Wien in summer 2015. Nature plays a not inconsiderable role in this. (STR)