excerpt from the autumnal newsletter in this special year 2020:

"Dear Gunafa Netizen,

looks like there is an intense autumnal 2020 art program STaRting with art on interwoven different levels now. There will be restrictions because of Covid19 for sure, but the programs are happening ! So Level 01 = TODAY evening at MuseumsQuartier, where we shall open a new exhibition with brand-new artworks around the topic STReaming, including one artwork from 2000. Just to remember,  2000 means 5 years before Youtube had even started. The exhibition comes together with a 3-pages article we have now in EIKON art magazine, as well as the opening we make together tonite. Next Level 02 = STATION ROSE Live performance at PARALLEL artfair on Saturday, 26.9. afternoon. This is our 1st LIVE performance in the real world since the lockdown !
Level 03 = the artwork "Webcast 78"  shown at MuseumsQuartier is available now at UNPAINTED online gallery, limited in an edition of 5 only !
There is a clear & intense interweaving of these levels, which is typical for this time & for our work. So the artworks created for STReaming are new artworks up to 200 centimetres in size. They are shown  in the EIKON magazine article, and become even bigger with augmented reality/AR in the exhibition. The audio-visual track of this AR piece - which is only 7 days young - will be performed LIVE at PARALLEL on Saturday in an extended jam session.
We know that the planning is short term but this is due to Covid19. Stay with us in these special circumstances 2020!"  Elisa Rose & Gary Danner

# Social distance is

an experience we made