Shutdown = Back to STReaming

Present: Ritual STReaming Re-Enactment 2020: Get your Shoes off * Sit-In 2020 in the STR-Studio * Lockdown at the "Digital Campfire (STR 1991)".

 After a short Covid 19 nervousness, we realized that we had already experienced this artistically when we excluded the outside world in the 90s, made self-experiments on Social Distance & Isolation from RealLife & stayed online @home in Frankfurt. We now are all global in 2020, and we STReam again.

Live@home STReaming began in 1999 in the exhibition “CrossLinks” in Berlin. After that, the Frankfurt studio became the location for these “real-time happenings”. Until 2002 we broadcasted about 200 LIVE times, at VAW 2017 & 2018 for the first time from the Vienna studio.

Six years before the existence of YouTube, these livestreams had anticipated a style that combined performance, moderation, documentation, simultaneous work in front of & behind the cameras, interviews into a contemporary audiovisual format.